Rationalist or narrow minded?

Different trends are creating different groups of people! A group is so much dedicated to a system of medicine that it is blind to accept its limitations. In the same way there is another group, which is so much obsessed with their own way of interpreting “science” that it can’t accept their limitations of understanding!

This is where all the fight begins and ends…

Any system of medicine and / or healing was evolved to solve human suffering. Any expert who was trained in a particular system should understand that there is no 100% answer in any system to any health problem. Instead, everybody is busy in proving their system as great and complete. That’s fine, but they move further by pulling another system down and blaming it for all the problems. Generalised statements, I believe, are indicative of narrow mindedness, childish thinking and poorer understanding of the system that they are talking about!

Why am I explaining all this to you? Not because I dreamt of something last night! It is because of a news report I read recently about AYUSH systems.

I wonder why should we jeopardise any system and its benefits to mankind just because “another science” is not finding a “proof” according to its understanding…!? The approach of Ayurveda is totally different and its basic principles are very different from the ‘lab based- evidence’ based science of the present day. However, when used judiciously, Ayurveda has given wonderful results in many health problems. Nowhere in Ayurvedic classics has been mentioned that Ayurveda has got 100% solution to all problems. They have clearly given “incurable conditions” and “palliative management” also. If someone is claiming to treat and “cure” all diseases then why don’t these “scientific people” disprove that and prove quackery practise, instead of just giving generalised statements.

Just like there is no 100% cure in Ayurveda, there are so many instances where Ayurveda has treated chronic illnesses, acute conditions and given surprising results to patients. It’s not just ‘lab based evidence’ but clear cut clinical improvement seen in conditions like asthma, allergic rhinitis, Psoriasis, Paralysis to name a few. So, why don’t we accept the usefulness irrespective of the system and make it popular for the benefit of patients? I know it’s for the sake of so many lobbies…drug company, health sectors etc etc. That’s the tragedy.

Alright, do you know how this so called ‘evidence based science’ works? They undertake lab experiments, find out a molecule/procedure, try it on a healthy group, study the effects on body, try on animals, try on small number of patients, study on large number of patients, release in the market, keep a watch, collect reports, withdraw from the market (if harmful) or continue until it is “looking safe”…!!! What is the evidence they are talking about? All those known direct or indirect observations in the lab, clinics etc which can be perceived by our senses directly or by using machines, chemicals etc. Do you think they are 100% accurate? No…they can mislead or they can prove to be wrong due to various “unknown” reasons. Then, how do they think that “evidence-based medicine” is the only solution and it is a “perfect answer”? Who will be responsible for the unknown or incompletely understood effects of the drug/treatement which will be given to millions of people around the world until they discover that it was harmful? It is the limitation of the “science”…right? Then, why can’t they accept the limitations of other sciences also and adopt whichever is useful?

Come on people…..grow up! Grow big, grow broad….


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Home remedies for various ailments as per Ayurveda

Courtesy: Surendra & Raghurama Shenoy

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My photography and experience with Photo Collage Max PRO

Through a friend’s email 2 days’ ago, I got a link to this amazing and simple software to create photo collages. Before I write about this software, I feel that I have to share some information about my ever increasing passion about photography!

Though I am an Ayurvedic doctor by profession, my inborn instinct to explore new possibilities and learning new things brought me into this amazing world of digital photography. Since 2-3 years I am diving deeper and deeper into this ocean of colors and light. You can see some sample on my FaceBook photo fan page.

Now I have started experimenting with creating photo collages too and I am very impressed by this Photo Collage Max PRO which has expanded the horizon of creativity with my photos. It has given me an opportunity to create my photo calendars, greeting cards or photo walls just in simple steps by using its wizard or I can fully customize photos, backgrounds, clip arts, masks, frames, shapes and so on. More than anything, it is very user friendly and clean to use. Though it gives professional utilities, you don’t have to be a computer or software pro to use it.

In its wizard mode you can just select the design you want, photos you want and then shuffle pictures to get the one you are happy with. Then it is just a click away to send by email, save as picture or set as desktop background!

With the custom creation options, you have literally thousands of options where you can custom make everything from clip arts to backgrounds and frames by changing their angle, position, color, transparency and even the way they need to be tiled or stretched.

I have tried creating magazine cover page looks and photo albums by using its flexible options to add texts, frames and backgrounds and it has worked so well to meet my expectations. I was creating simple collages earlier and had no much options to make them professional looking ones. Commonly used professional Softwares in the market will cost a lot to do all these actions where as this Photo Collage Max PRO offers such a flexibility for a negligible price and then it becomes watermark free and yours for lifetime! This is what I was impressed with. Of course, money matters to me, when I am not a professional photographer but an amateur.

I would be glad to hear about your experience with Photo Collage Max PRO in the comments below. 🙂

Happy collage making!

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Professional rivals or unprofessional approach?

I remember the words of Dr.Prakash – Director of CFTRI, Mysore, who is into the “Nutrition” research… he always said “our ‘scientific researches’ are still in infancy of understanding the basics, where as sciences like ‘Ayurveda’ are so advanced and have made understanding of the nature very simple and practically proven. So, don’t underestimate the strength of your Ayurvedic science”.

On the contrary there are some “nutritional experts” who say the following…

1. Ayurveda and Nutrition are ‘professional rivals!!!

2. An Ayurveda person is totally from a different field and should not talk about nutrition, about which he/she has “no idea”.

3. Nutrition relies upon research data and they are published in scientific journals, which is like ‘ultimate truth’.

What this means is “sciences are not rivals, some ‘professional people’ see them as rivals…!”

They say that Ayurveda and Nutrition are professional rivals! They claim nutrition is only “their field” and Ayurveda experts should not talk about it! This shows their ignorance about other sciences. Ayurveda has nutrition as its main concept. The principles of understanding is different, that’s all.

Also, in Ayurvedic studies in India, it will be taught as an integrative system where subjects ranging from anatomy to medicine including preventive medicine, nutrition, pathology, laboratory studies, scientific research methodology, bio-statistics etc etc plus basics of many systems of medicine like naturopathy, homeopathy, unani, siddha are studied along with the classical texts of Ayurveda. The problem here is not for the Ayurveda person but the other way around where “they” don’t understand the concepts of Ayurveda!!!

Our culture says “let noble thoghts flow to us from all the corners” and so called “Nutritional right holders” have closed their windows for any such in-flows. They want all of us to agree to what their “researches” say. They don’t even keep their senses open to see the limitations of such “researches”. They don’t see that the research which recommends ‘drinking alcohol is good’ at one point of time, recommends the total opposite in the next year. They claim that it is because, it accepts changes in the concept+observed facts! Facts can be misleading sometimes…

Experimental animal!

eg: 1. As per research, cure from cancer in 1 patient among 50 treated, is insignificant. But, to that one patient who survived, it is highly significant! Don’t you agree to this???

2. Research says take medicine “A” for disease “D” and millions of people use it. After 2 years it says that medicine can result in death because of disease “H”, so stop using it. What those millions of people who used it for 2 years should do?!!! This means, research has its own limitations and all that comes through the filter of “scientific research” is not the ultimate truth!

Regarding the data published in “journals”, I read many of those journals on a regular basis and I find many articles as stereotype and many a times biased and seem to be influenced by some kind of lobbying! Above all, the articles are based on the same kind of research which I gave examples above. So, they are not ultimate verdicts in anyway.

Conclusively, I am not saying that research is bad and we should stop believing in it. All I mean to say is “Open your hearts, senses and brains to study from other sciences also and accept good practices & advices from them with an ultimate goal of helping the mankind, instead of rivalry between professional people. No science belongs to a single person or group of people, it belongs to all. If there is controversy in the concept/belief then subject it to reviews again and again”.

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