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Why did I leave RE/MAX?

I am not sure if you have heard about RE/MAX! If not, for your information, it is an American multinational company for real estate brokering services. It has been very popular and successful in the USA, Canada and some European countries too. It has entered Indian market in 2009 and expanding its network since then.

Before I talk about why I left RE/MAX, I should tell you why did I choose to try that!

Actually, I was looking for some business opportunity on franchisee basis so that there will be a brand back up and training, set up and such other supports from them, instead of starting my own and then struggle to market it. On one fine day, I got a call from RE/MAX regional office in Mysore, Karnataka, India and they explained to me that they would give marketing support, there is a huge market name for this brand blah blah blah… I checked with some of my contacts in the US and they also said that it is a big brand in real estate market there. So, I decided to take it up and started RE/MAX Homes & Properties in Mangalore city of Karnataka, India.

Why did I leave it then?

I tried all my level best before taking a decision to abandon the business. But, I could not continue any further and lose more for the following reasons…

  • The RE/MAX brand is not known even to 1% of people after nearly 3 years of its operations in India! In spite of this scenario, there is no effort of marketing and brand building from the Indian HQ in this regard. Assured advertising is not done at regional or national levels (even though they collect monthly advertisement fees from franchise offices). Thus the whole purpose of paying huge money for the sake of a “brand” is failing here. I was spending my money and I had to educate people about the brand and its ‘strength’. I was paying for the brand but I was building the brand for them! If it was an established brand like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Tata, Mahindra or even LIC, we didn’t have to explain to every customer so much about the brand and what it is all about…! Just the name would bring in business and specific customers.
  • Indian real estate market is different from the market in the US or such other countries. The quality and service oriented mindset is not that huge here. Instead, the market is more price conscious. Saving a rupee is more important than availing better service! Also, the market is more tricky in terms of payment of commission, sharing the revenue etc. So, RE/MAX and its professionalism will have to wait more to penetrate this market.
  • The straight forward and transparent transactions in real estate in India couldn’t work I think. It might be my weakness that I couldn’t do the business by hook or crook…!!!

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Be an Entrepreneur and teach to be one…

Bored in school, failing classes, at odds with peers: This child might be an entrepreneur, says Cameron Herold. At TEDxEdmonton, he makes the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish — as kids and as adults.

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Inspiring speech video…Steve Jobs

I have always seen that those who struggled hard in life, came out with flying colours. May it be Dhirubai Ambani or Steve Jobs….

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Risks and Rewards in the Forex Market

In the Forex market, risks might be great, but the rewards can be great too.

The Forex market is different from other markets. The speed and huge size of the market mean it changes continually. Forex is not the same as any other market in the financial world; it is not able to be controlled. This makes it risky – increased risk means chances for a higher profit, also for higher loss.

There are many different ways to invest in the Forex market. However, before you decide to get involved, you should think about what result you want from your investment and your level of experience. Trading foreign currencies is demanding.

Do not invest money you cannot accept to lose.

What is risk capital?

Risk capital is the money that Easy-Forex® suggests you use for trading in the market. It is money you have that you do not need for day to day living and you can afford to lose.

Can I reduce risk?

You can reduce risk in many different ways. Easy-Forex® has tools to help you make the most of your trading.

First it is important to understand the market. Easy-Forex® has training programs on its website that help you learn about trading. Customers are trained for free. Easy-Forex® believes that good training is necessary for trading success. You can deposit a small amount and do some small trades at first to help you understand how the market operates.

Another way to reduce risk is to try to judge what direction a currency might take by studying what has happened in the market until now and the causes of changes in the market. This is called forecasting. Forecasting helps you to develop an idea what might happen in the market in the near future.

You can also place Stop Loss and Take Profit limits on your trades. This reduces the risk of losing more than you feel comfortable with. Stop Loss and Take Profit help you to control your trading. When you place these limits on your trades, you do not have to watch the computer screen every minute.

Leveraged trading

The leveraged nature of the Forex market means that risks and rewards are higher. Any movement in the market will have an effect on what you win or lose. With leveraged trading, the effect can be increased on a big scale.

You can win a great amount, or you can lose a great amount. This is why it is important to understand the market. It is important to use methods that limit your risk. Learn to be a disciplined trader.

Is foreign exchange trading right for me?

Foreign exchange trading is not the right investment for everyone. If you are responsible and trade to the limits you set for yourself, you will find there are rewards. But you must take risks to get rewards. The risks must be right for you.

Source: Easy Forex

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