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The Wellness Today – 2nd issue is online!

I am glad to announce that the second issue of The Wellness Today online magazine is available from 1 July 2010.

I hope that you are enjoying reading articles on TWT and making the best use of it.

Please feel free to comment or contact me for further information, assistance or suggestions.

What’s inside TWT – July 2010 ?


Cover Article

Myths of Ayurveda Uncovered
by Dr Prasanna Kakunje
Ayurveda has been misunderstood and wrongly propagated sometimes by attaching a myth to it for own benefits or for commercial purposes. We are trying to overcome those myths and keep the reality in front of you in this article.

Featured Articles

Running can increase the risk of heart disease?
by Dr Kristie
Most men who run do it because they enjoy the sport, but some also “pound the pavement” to reduce their risk of heart disease. Long distance runners and male marathon runners may want to rethink how long and hard they run. A surprising new study shows that men who run marathons may actually be at a higher risk for heart disease. Read more…

What should you know about diabetes in pregnancy?
by Word Gypsy
Approximately 4 % of pregnant women will develop this condition. With diabetes in the pregnant woman, the blood sugar or glucose level becomes elevated. This can lead to medical complications for both the mother and child. Therefore, the woman needs to follow special precautions throughout the pregnancy.

How good is Melatonin for Jet Lag & sleep problems?
by Dr Kristie
More people are taking melatonin supplements these days to treat jet lag and to help with sleep. According to the Cochrane database, melatonin improves the symptoms of jet lag – although whether or not it helps with insomnia is less clear. What are the side effects of taking melatonin for jet lag or for sleep – and is it safe?

Lead Articles

15 weight loss secrets!
by Dr Anuradha Prasanna
Overweight has been the root cause of many health problems like non insulin dependent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and so on. In addition, it can be the cause of lack of self confidence due to aesthetic reasons. Not only that, it can result in inactivity or reduced activity which results in further weight gain and thus manifesting a vicious cycle. Some tips inside…


Not just these listed articles…

there are more…

and interestingly…


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Readers Win !

We are pleased to announce that The Wellness Today e-magazine is now available for FREE to all members, by considering requests and suggestions from many of our readers and well-wishers. I hope you will enjoy reading and get the most benefit out of it.

Optionally, you may decide to donate any amount you wish to The Wellness Today using secured PayPal button. Visit

Thank you.

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The Wellness Today – Stay Healthy Live Longer !

Dear Reader,


I am glad to announce that we have launched our monthly e-zine (online magazine) on Health & Wellness- “The Wellness Today”, available at

We have spent a lot of time on finding authors, topics, publishing software and many other works resulting in this informative magazine, which is simple and easy to use. We have fixed a very nominal subscription fee for premium membership (registration is online) to cover our expenses. It is USD 3/monthly or USD 32/yearly subscription. There is an early bird offer of 12.5% discount until the end of June 2010. Regular (free) subscription is also available, which gives access to both public and private content but not to premium content. There is option to purchase single article of your interest as well.

We sincerely accept that this is our first step in a journey of lifetime. However, the effort to improve and develop will be ongoing and we appreciate and accept any suggestion and advice in this regard. You will see a continual effort of improvement from an issue today to another tomorrow.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or assistance. In addition, we welcome your input on “topics of interest”, which will help us to include in our future issues.

Yours sincerely,

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Ayurvedic Products to go International

The ayurvedic products will now be branded, decided the Department of Ayush by collaborating with the Quality Council of India’s services. The branding is intended to sustain the quality that the ayurvedic products possess while they will be exported and used in the domestic market as well.

This information was revealed by Department of Ayush Joint Secretary B. Anand while he was addressing the media at the concluding event of the three days Global Ayurveda Summit on Friday.

He elaborated and said that this policy will create two types of branding premium for the ones wanting to export products, another one for selling in domestic markets that is standard branding. This will start with branding of 35 products with the Quality Council of India

Opining for the making the Ayurvedic products international, the delegates present in the summit suggested that branding of ayurveda along with process-standardization and scientific validation will elevate the status of ayurveda.

B. Anand also said that Ayush by placing section of Ayurveda courses on websites have been responded with a greater interest by foreign nations. The success of the branding was evidenced as Middlesex University in U. K. accepted the three semester Ayurveda course. Discussions, Anand claims, are taking place with Mississippi University in U. S. Germany also.


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