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Rationalist or narrow minded?

Different trends are creating different groups of people! A group is so much dedicated to a system of medicine that it is blind to accept its limitations. In the same way there is another group, which is so much obsessed with their own way of interpreting “science” that it can’t accept their limitations of understanding!

This is where all the fight begins and ends…

Any system of medicine and / or healing was evolved to solve human suffering. Any expert who was trained in a particular system should understand that there is no 100% answer in any system to any health problem. Instead, everybody is busy in proving their system as great and complete. That’s fine, but they move further by pulling another system down and blaming it for all the problems. Generalised statements, I believe, are indicative of narrow mindedness, childish thinking and poorer understanding of the system that they are talking about!

Why am I explaining all this to you? Not because I dreamt of something last night! It is because of a news report I read recently about AYUSH systems.

I wonder why should we jeopardise any system and its benefits to mankind just because “another science” is not finding a “proof” according to its understanding…!? The approach of Ayurveda is totally different and its basic principles are very different from the ‘lab based- evidence’ based science of the present day. However, when used judiciously, Ayurveda has given wonderful results in many health problems. Nowhere in Ayurvedic classics has been mentioned that Ayurveda has got 100% solution to all problems. They have clearly given “incurable conditions” and “palliative management” also. If someone is claiming to treat and “cure” all diseases then why don’t these “scientific people” disprove that and prove quackery practise, instead of just giving generalised statements.

Just like there is no 100% cure in Ayurveda, there are so many instances where Ayurveda has treated chronic illnesses, acute conditions and given surprising results to patients. It’s not just ‘lab based evidence’ but clear cut clinical improvement seen in conditions like asthma, allergic rhinitis, Psoriasis, Paralysis to name a few. So, why don’t we accept the usefulness irrespective of the system and make it popular for the benefit of patients? I know it’s for the sake of so many lobbies…drug company, health sectors etc etc. That’s the tragedy.

Alright, do you know how this so called ‘evidence based science’ works? They undertake lab experiments, find out a molecule/procedure, try it on a healthy group, study the effects on body, try on animals, try on small number of patients, study on large number of patients, release in the market, keep a watch, collect reports, withdraw from the market (if harmful) or continue until it is “looking safe”…!!! What is the evidence they are talking about? All those known direct or indirect observations in the lab, clinics etc which can be perceived by our senses directly or by using machines, chemicals etc. Do you think they are 100% accurate? No…they can mislead or they can prove to be wrong due to various “unknown” reasons. Then, how do they think that “evidence-based medicine” is the only solution and it is a “perfect answer”? Who will be responsible for the unknown or incompletely understood effects of the drug/treatement which will be given to millions of people around the world until they discover that it was harmful? It is the limitation of the “science”…right? Then, why can’t they accept the limitations of other sciences also and adopt whichever is useful?

Come on people…..grow up! Grow big, grow broad….


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