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Please Endorse Me & Vote for Me !

Prasanna Kakunje

Prasanna Kakunje

I always dream of seeing India as a safe, comfortable and WOW destination for tourists by having friendly and hospitality oriented tourism development. This, in long run, will bring more money in and make India a superpower not only financially but also in the hearts of people around the world. Opportunity given and supported well, I would be glad to work for this cause in India and worldwide. Moreover, I have a passion for Indian culture, music and all artforms and personally have some hand on skills and knowledge in arts like photography (biggest opportunity to spread tourism), Karnatic music, Bharatanatyam and painting. Also, Ayurveda is the mother of all healing systems from India and I am a professional Ayurveda doctor with a thirst to spread its message worldwide. Hence, I can represent Indian culture, Ayurveda and work for developing tourism in India.

Please visit this site to ENDORSE and VOTE FOR ME to support my dream cause of representing India in brightening up its glory worldwide.

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