Research Confirms Healing Effects of Herb Terminalia Chebula

The Terminalia Chebula known as Haritaki is an age old Indian Herb. Its medicinal benefits are many. Research now confirms the healing properties of this herb. This article shares the findings of the research study and lists the home remedial benefits of this herb.

Knowledge Gained about Terminalia Chebula from Research:

•Extracts from the leaves of this herb were applied on the wounds of experimental rats.

•The wounds contracted at an improved rates.

•There was regrowth of skin over the wounds in short time.

•Collagen is an important component with which tissues are made.

•The Study found that the Collagen content in the tissues was high because of this herb.

•There was 40% rise in the strength of the tissues.

•Researchers believe that Antioxidants are present in this herb.

These antioxidants are responsible for the healing properties of this herb.

•The Study also confirmed the antiseptic qualities of the herb.

•The fruits of this herb are dried and made in to fine powder

Intake of 3-5 gms of the powder per day provides the benefits of this herb.

•Its intake leads to no side effects.

Health Benefits of Terminalia Chebula:Ayurveda prescribes this herb in curing swellings, skin and eye diseases. It can be used as home remedy against fevers, cough, asthma and urinary diseases. Its antibiotic qualities can provide strength to the body to fight against swine flu. It is known for its proven ability to remove stagnant stool in the intestine. This herb has the ability to stop bleeding and prevent a medical condition called Hemorrhage.



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