Ayurveda Wisdom Series – 3

Branches of Ayurveda…

Classically, there are 8 main branches in the Ayurvedic Science.

They are,

1. Kayachikitsa – treating generalized ailments by giving various medicines or treatments.(General Medicine)

2. Balachikitsa / Koumarabhritya – childcare medicine (Pediatrics)

3. Graha chikitsa – treatment for diseases by unseen (microscopic?) causes.

4. Shalakya Tantra – Treatment of diseases of head and neck (includes ENT, dentistry)

5. Shalya Tantra – surgical and para surgical treatments

6. Vishachikitsa – treatments for poison and related problems.(Toxicology)

7. Rasayana chikitsa / Jaraa Chikitsa – Treatment for longer life with good health by Rejuvenation advises and procedures (includes Geriatrics)

8. Vajeekarana / Vrisha Chikitsa – Sexual medicine; for better sexual and reproductive life.

Apart from these, there are few other branches for the convenience of study and practice, like Streeroga & Prasooti tantra (similar to OBG), Rasashastra (Indian Alchemy), Bhaishajya Kalpana (Pharmacy), Dravyaguna (Pharmacology etc).

Moreover, Ayurveda is not limited to treatment of humans. It believes in protecting all living beings in the nature. So there are branches like Vrikshayurveda (for plant kingdom), Pashu ayurveda (for animals-Veterinary medicine) which includes Hasthi ayurveda (for elephants), Ashva ayurveda (for horses) and so on…


– Rigveda 1-89-i

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