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Ayurveda Everywhere…!

East Meets West

Deana Lancaster, North Shore News
Published: Sunday, September 27, 2009

They said it wouldn’t last.

When yoga and acupuncture began to gain ground on aerobics and pain medicine the naysayers called them fads, and predicted that the shift towards Eastern and complementary wellness treatments would soon go back to being the provenance of aging hippies and dropouts.

They were wrong: yoga is hotter than ever (literally and figuratively), alternative therapies like acupuncturist services and naturopathy are covered by some medical plans, and therapies from the East are even becoming popular as spa and beauty treatments. This acceptance is leading the way into a deeper understanding of Eastern philosophy and wellness.

The newest trend is actually one of the oldest: Ayurveda, the science of life.

“It’s a 5,000-year-old system of medicine from India,” says Linda Tang. She is the owner and creative force behind Lower Mainland-based Dream Designs, which specializes in eco-friendly bedding and clothing. She recently opened The Chakra Lounge above the West Vancouver location of Dream Designs, where customers can learn about Ayurveda, and how to apply its principles for their own health.

“It’s based on the understanding of how energy flows in the human body. You can use it to heal pain; not just physical pain, but emotional pain too.”

And yet, explains Surrey-based Ayurvedic practitioner Mandeep Singh, at its heart, the system is not meant to treat symptoms of illness, but to prevent them in the first place. The treatments, which include diet recommendations, herbal formulas, breathing exercises and yoga, are designed to strengthen the body and the immune system. Published studies have documented reductions in cardiovascular disease risk factors — including blood pressure, cholesterol, and reaction to stress — in individuals who practice Ayurvedic methods.

Developed through centuries of observations, experiments, discussions and meditations, Ayurveda is based on the view that the “great elements” that comprise nature — earth, water, fire, air and ether — are also seen in human beings. Health is achieved when the elements are in balance.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all remedy, says Singh, who also offers consultations and treatments at The Chakra Lounge.

Each of us is unique, with our own composition of these elements, plus we have a unique set of constantly changing life circumstances; all of which must be considered in determining natural healing approaches and recommendations for daily living. And because we each have a unique constitution, our health prescription must also be unique: diet, exercise, daily supplements and energy point massage treatments are all determined by our own constitution.

Tang said she became interested in the philosophies and treatments after having a baby. During the pregnancy she experienced back pain, pain in her hands and changes in her skin.

“And then I had a newborn, I was getting little sleep and still running a company. I was tired, fatigued all the time.

“I could go to my Western doctor, but what could they do for me? Nothing, really.”

She began to look at alternative styles of medicine, and in researching Ayurveda realized that she was going through a period of imbalance. The steps she has since taken — yoga, massage, herbs and breathing exercises — have not only helped her to feel better, but “it’s helping me to understand things better. It’s a way of looking at the world.”

Dream Designs’ Chakra Lounge is located at 1502 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Call 604-922-8325 or visit for information.

Source: North Shore News



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Youth want more of natural medicine to study…

HYDERABAD: With people switching over from traditional to alternative therapies, aspiring doctors too have changed track. Allopathy is no more the in-thing for wannabe doctors or so it seems if the rising popularity of Unani, Homeopathy and Ayurveda courses in Hyderabad is anything to go by.

Believe it or not, there are as many as 10 students vying for each seat for these courses now, while in the previous years many seats were left vacant. This year, officials of NTR University of Health Sciences say that all the 121 seats in the two Unani medical colleges are filled. Of the 211 seats for homeopathy (BHMS) 203 are filled and out of 220 seats for the Bachelor’s course in ayurveda, 205 are filled.

Though surprised, the officials are glad that such a shift has taken place. “The students are now interested in courses which will fetch them good earnings. The students who specialise in these medicines also look at them as an easy ticket to go abroad. Many know that one can earn big money with alternative therapies abroad,” N Venugopal, registrar, NTR University told ‘TOI’. While many of them have dollar dreams, there are also those who chose to stick to traditional medicine to cater to some people who still believe in the natural healing process.

“Unani is very much the most needed medicine in some parts of Hyderabad. The medicine requires knowledge in Urdu and not many people know to read and write the language now. One needs some kind of expertise to carry the tradition forward as it is in demand even now,” Venugopal said.

Students said that many of them opted for the course out of love for the subject. “I never wanted to go for an MBBS course. Unani was my first choice while my brother opted for homeopathy. There are many people who know that allopathic drugs do not give lasting solutions for diseases,’’ said Ahmed Fahad, a student of Nizamia Tibbi College. He said that he even went for coaching to clear BHUMCET to get into one of the colleges. Unlike the previous years, where there were hardly 200 students applying for the course, in 2009 admissions the number of applicants doubled.

According to others, there are more takers for alternative medicine as allopathy has failed to offer solutions for many new diseases. Besides, with various big brands in natural therapies joining the field, the career path has become very lucrative, say students.

Source: Times of India

I always used to say “the time is changing and it is the era of natural medicines/healing”…. I am happy for Ayurveda.

Bravo Ayurveda !

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Ayurveda Medicine for H1N1 !

Madras University develops herbal drug for swine flu

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 08:00 IST
Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai

The Centre for Herbal Sciences (CHS) at the University of Madras, along with Ramoni Research Foundation (RRF), Chennai has invented a new herbal drug for curing the pandemic swine flu. The drug, developed from Siddha and Ayurveda preparations, is named as ‘Ayusrem’.

The scientists behind the discovery of the medicine have claimed that they have cured 10 patients contracted by H1N1 viruses and 300 people with other influenza diseases.

The research team has presented their results, formulation, clinical trials and cases of treatment before the health department officials of the state service in the presence of State health secretary.

Prof Dr Raaman, plant scientist and director of CHS and Dr K Balasubrahmanian, organic chemist and pharmacologist and CEO of RRF, the pioneers in the research team, have said the new product would be the first drug in the world developed from herbal source for such dreaded virus prevention. They have applied for patent for the new medicine.

While speaking to Pharmabiz, the doctors said the product is highly cost effective with no side effects. Ayusrem, which is in the form of capsule, is composed largely of nutraceuticals which are safer for human consumption.

The medicine contains 32 different herbal components, which are claimed to be effective in treating the swine flu. Dr Balasubrahmanian, who is also a registered Physician, said, “We have already treated more than hundred patients with cold, fever and cough. Ten of them were suffering with extreme symptoms of H1N1 flu and respiratory problems.”

About clinical trials, the scientists said they have tested the drug on 300 people earlier and the results were found good. The report was sent to the DCGI.

Source: PharmaBiz

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Paralysis / GBS Cure with Proper Ayurvedic Care !

A proper and well planned Ayurveda care with patient’s cooperation can result in wonders…! Read the news below…

[But, the funny thing is both news resources have named the problem differently in the same case! If it is GBS resulting in paralysis (not by ‘stroke‘), then the case is worth discussing and going for further controlled clinical study as there is a chance of self recovery in it.]

Source 1

MANGALORE: A youth suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) has found cure in Ayurveda.

Though GBS, according to allopathic doctors is self limiting, Yashawanth (24) from Santhoshnagar, near Vamanjoor in Mangalore, developed weakness in his limbs and was unable to move for eight months. The doctors at Wenlock Hospital suggested Yashawanth to go for immunoglobulin, which cost Rs 50,000 per injection and the total cost for five days would come to Rs 2.5 lakh.

Later, he was brought to Vishwa Vaidya Ayurvedashram. Dr Srilatha Shetty claimed after four months of treatment with panchakarma, navarakili and many other ayurvedic medicines and procedures, Yashawanth is able to walk around independently and attend to his daily chores.

Yashwant, a mason, confirmed said that though he is not going for work outside, he can manage his day-to-day activities at home independently. The total treatment was free of cost including medicines. Former Vamanjoor corporator Jayaprakash Kottary helped Yashawanth’s treatment.

Physicians say GBS in some people leads to respiratory problems, for which the patient needs a ventilator. “No controlled studies has been done to check in how many cases has it led to respiratory complications,” a physician added.

GBS is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP), an autoimmune disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system, usually triggered by an acute infectious process.

Source: The Times of India

Source 2

Mangalore Sept 20: A 24-year-old man from Vamanjoor near Mangalore was completely cured of whole body paralysis after undergoing a four month long Ayurvedic treatment in an Ayurveda Ashram recently.

Yashawanth, who hails from an economically backward family, developed weakness in his limbs after his return from a Shabarimala pilgrimage around 7 months ago. He consulted Dr Shrilatha Shetty, Medical Director of Vishwa Vaidya Ayurvedashram near his home, where he was advised to get emergency neurologic treatment in the city. He was treated at Government Wenlock hospital and Sri Manjunatheshwara Ayurvedic College, but to no avail, and was brought back to the Ayurvedashram after three months.

Speaking to media here on Thursday, Dr Srilatha Shetty informed that Yashawanth was given Panchakarma treatment and Navarakizhi at the Ashram, along with music therapy and massages. She described his condition as ‘Sarvanga Vatha’ in Ayurvedic terms and explained its causes, admitting that treating him was a great challenge to her. Also his treatment was completely free. Now, Yashawanth is capable of walking about on his own and performing his duties, she added.



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