AYUSH dept validating ayurvedic drugs developed by private institutions to treat cancer

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 08:00 IST
Joseph Alexander, New Delhi

Many ayurvedic plants including turmeric, semicarpus anacardium, and tinospora cordifolia have shown anti-cancer properties in the recent studies conducted by the government institutions. The government is now in the process of validating some anti-cancer drugs developed by private institutions through clinical trials.

Clinical studies have been done under different projects by the Union Ministry of Health to assess the use of ayurvedic treatment in different types of cancer. A pilot project was sanctioned by the ministry to study the effects of metal based formulations prepared by Vaidya Balendu Prakash of Dehradun in the treatment of acute pro-myllotic leukaemia (APML) in 90 days. As many as 15 patients were enrolled in the study out of which 10 patients had shown a complete remission in peripheral blood smear, sources said.

In another effort to develop ayurvedic drug for cancer, clinical trials of ‘Ayush QOL – 2C’ developed by Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) for improvement of quality of life of those receiving chemotherapy/radio-therapy, have been initiated at St Johns medical college, Bangalore and at the All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi.

“The government is ready to promote any research initiative taken up by the private doctors or institutions, along with research by government bodies. The goal is to have cheaper and effective drugs to treat cancer. All projects are in progress, but it will take some more years to officially introduce a drug with government approval after all validations,” an official of the Ayush department said.

On the request of Nand Lal Tiwari of Jaipur, the CCRAS has undertaken the study of anti-cancerous property of herbal compounds ‘Carctol’ to ascertain the claim. Similarly, a claim made by Krishn Gopal Ayurved Bhavan, Dharmartha Trust, in Rajasthan on their proprietary drug ‘Cancer Gaza Kesari’ has been subjected to pre-clinical safety studies by CCRAS, he said.

Source: Pharmabiz



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