Well, it’s Wellness Business…!

Information technology saw a sudden ‘boom’ and became a dream business/job for everyone. Billions of dollars (trillion dollar industry) are flowing in and out, in this sector.

According to experts, next industry to ‘boom’ is Wellness ‘Industry’…! That means, it is the next ‘trillion dollar’ industry. [Click on the book picture to go to the website and read more.]

By the way, what wellness is all about?

In simple terms, wellness is an extended version of health. Having a feeling of well being not only physically but also mentally, spiritually, socially (and economically) is called as wellness.

Any service or product related to achievment of this goal is considered under this industry. For example, health care sector, alternative medicines & natural healers, healthy food & drinks, spas & massages, relaxation services & products, beauty sector, fitness centers and so on. So, it extends into so many products and services and is supported by many other industries. Hence, the money involved is huge!

How is it becoming so important all of a sudden?

Olden days, our lifestyle and food habits were different. They were more healthy and natural. There was no much pollution or stress.

Hence, health problems faced were different. They usually would be by infection or physical injuries. Treating the body with one or few medicines was the solution. Example: treating the malaria with drugs like Chloroquine.

But, nowadays health problems are different. Causes for them are multidimensional (genetic, food, lifestyle, pollution etc) and most of the times unknown or unpredictable. They are not only related to body and not just occur as a physical symptom or sign. That is where it needs attention from many sides and multiple approaches to tackle. Added to this people are becoming more aware and informed about health problems and are becoming more conscious towards protecting their health. Example: Diabetes prevention and treatment is not possible only by giving a ‘drug’.

All the above reasons have contributed to the growth of ‘wellness’ industry and is becoming the next trillion dollar industry.

Stay Well…!


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