My Forex Story…!

I did not know much about trading shares / stocks or currencies and commodities until last year. No matter who ever explained, I was unable to understand the core of how it works!

All of a sudden, from nowhere, I started trading currencies and commodities with the help of a web based program. They gave a demo account initially to practice and then I started real trading after understanding the basics.

Initially I made very little but steady growth of gains and in between I lost some money due to hasty, immature and greedy decisions. These three are very important to avoid in any trading of such kind, may it be forex or stocks. Later on I learnt to be patient, studious and not to be greedy in this market. Now I am spending 30-60 minutes a day (sometimes once in 2 days) and maintaining steady and gradual growth.

The platform I found is Easy-Forex (click to go to the website)

The platform has very good, user-friendly interface for which you don’t have to download anythinig. It is just a web based program and hence the advantage is ‘you can use it from anywhere’ just like email. They are very professional in maintaining your accounts and giving expert support in learning or understanding the market. Joining, learning or maintaining your account needs no money…it is all for FREE. You need money only if you wish to trade and when you start trading.

Are you thinking that I am trying to drag you into this business? Definitely not ! Because I would like to warn you about the risks involved as well. Forex trading is quite risky and there are chances of losing (or gaining)huge money. So, I recommend you not to invest an amount which is your hard earned money for life. Invest only small amount of money which you think would not harm your life even if you lose it.

Note: Please study and practice well before you jump into any investments.

All the best…!



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3 responses to “My Forex Story…!


    hey i am also preparing an article about it….u r too fast !!!

  2. hi friend,
    it was great to stop by your excellent and informative work.
    I wish if you have time to visit my site and tell me your opinion.
    Thanks and good luck.

  3. Thank you friend. I saw your blog too. itz very informative. keep it up.

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