Business to keep us busy…

Dear all,

The word ‘business’ gives a picture in our mind. That is nothing but ‘money’ !

However, practically, it is not only about money in business. It demands quite a wide knowledge of the market, customers, opportunities, technical know-hows, soft skills related to human resource management-marketing and so on. Finally you have ‘money’ in business.

Traditionally ‘business’ means, selling a product and taking money for it. It is true even now. However, the scope of ‘product’ nowadays is so wide that it has included everything under the sun, sometimes proving to be ‘inhumane’ business.

Usually, either ‘products’ or ‘services’ are sold in business for monetary benefits. Products can be physical or virtual. Services can range from real serving to consultation services and brokerage.

However, what we are concentrating in this blog is ‘how to make some extra money’ apart from our regular income to fulfill our dreams or may be for some, basic needs.

Please remember that this is not a business portal or a fraud business but just a place to share our experiences and show opportunities to others who are also in search of such opportunities.

Please ignore and leave this blog, should you feel that we are making some money out of this. It is just a friendly gesture to help each other. Of course, some business may give any of us referral charges.

In addition, please share your ‘bad’ experiences as well, if any, with us so that people would be more careful while choosing some business opportunities or so called ‘business sites’ (business only for the site owner…!)

Note: Please share only legal ideas /


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